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This is a community for people to claim any movies they want. You may have only 2 claims but the first 5 people to join will have 5 claims.

Also if you direct link to us you may have 3 claims,and if you make us a pretty banner or icon(since we both are HTML handicapped) you will have unlimited claims.

moderated by: brikhead14
administrator: niight_sky

The Rules
.x. No sharing movies, if someone has your movie,tough,just claim another.
.x. Please be respectful of other people in this community.
.x. Please check the claims list before posting.
.x. HAVE FUN!!! This is a new community for people to claim and have fun!


8 Crazy Nights claimed by xjennjennx
American Pie claimed by mb182
A Walk to Remember claimed by x0xjenniferx0x
Benny and Joon claimed by __addict
Boondock Saints claimed by dark_vanity
Blow claimed by [Bad username: <lj]
The Butterfly Effect claimed by niight_sky
Center Stage claimed by niight_sky
Chasing Amy claimed by brikhead14
Clerks claimed by brikhead14
Crossroads claimed by goddessmackie
Cry Baby claimed by niight_sky
The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys claimed by punkychicky60
Dogma claimed by brikhead14
Don Juan DeMarco calimed by __addict
Donnie Darko claimed by brikhead14
Dreamcatcher claimed by brikhead14
ELF claimed by mb182
The Goonies claimed by goddessmackie
Heathers claimed by erica_alexis
House of 1000 corpses claimed by eyelinerxaddict
Idle Hands claimed by xjennjennx
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back claimed by brikhead14
The Last Unicorn claimed by selena_j
Lord of the Rings: The fellowship of the ring claimed by mb182
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers claimed by mb182
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King claimed by niight_sky
The Lost Boys claimed by niight_sky
Lost in Translation claimed by erica_alexis
Mallrats claimed by brikhead14
The Matrix claimed by d0ntblush
Moonwalker claimed by selena_j
Moulin Rouge claimed by mb182
Mulholland Dr. claimed by d0ntblush
Newsies claimed by niight_sky
Now and Then claimed by vampiress87
Pirates Of The Caribbean claimed by mb182
Punch Drunk Love claimed by xjennjennx
Queen of the Damned claimed by selena_j
The Rocky Horror Picture Show claimed by vampiress87
Romeo + Juliet calimed by eyelinerxaddict
The Rules of Attraction claimed by hottpink1892
Sixteen Candles claimed by eyelinerxaddict
Stitch the Movie claimed by suicidesnoman
Thirteen claimed by niight_sky
The Virgin Suicides claimed by hottpink1892